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Circle View - meant for outdoor use or not?




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    Noble G


    Thanks so much for the feedback! We'll pass along your suggestion to our team to check out. Let us know if there is anything else we can share with them or if you ever have any questions any time in the future. 



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  • rdbecker

    Feedback? I was asking a question that wasn't really answered. I would hope that the answer isn't that my question was meant as a suggestion. This thing is being marketed for outdoor use, as the Circle 2 was. It seems like it would be a huge oversight to not take this into account and have similar accessories for the View line. As it stands right now, I have a cord running from outside my house, squeezed into the small opening between my front door and door frame, then hanging on to the floor with a small extension so it can be plugged in indoors. Not ideal in any way. The complete lack of accessories for outdoor use is ridiculous.

    Please answer my original question:

    Does Logitech plan to release accessories for the Circle View line of cameras, similar to what they had for the Circle 2?

    If this question is seen as a suggestion, that tells me that you are falsely advertising this for outdoor use and have no intention of releasing waterproof extension cables.

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