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Message from Retailer: Logitech is Ending Harmony



  • Official comment

    Hi deldrago

    Thank you for writing to us with your concern!

    Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the confusion or misunderstanding that have been caused due to the Reddit post. 

    Please be informed that, we are continuing manufacturing and support of Harmony. The stock levels is likely due to distribution and logistics, but customer support is not able to confirm.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding with us!

    Best regards,

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  • deldrago

    That's great to hear!  Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

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  • Musa Mutetwi

    I really doubt if the production is on coz since last year, all Harmony elite remotes are listed as (renewed) or (Out of Stock). I had to get a renewed version which had a low battery life. I wonder what happens when the battery completely dies.

    I wish Logitech could come out and and clearly put forth this issue. I don't understand why as a market leader, they would want to cancel an innovative product like this. By far, this is the smartest device in my home.

    That 6% share of keyboards and accessories mentioned is because of lack of market penetration in some regions of the world. I live in an area where home theatre is starting to come up rapidly. Most people just don't know a remote like this exists but once they are enlightened they quickly purchase it. 

    Personally, I have so many non-smart devices which I have programmed to work in harmony with smart devices. If Harmony is stopped, I will have to go back to remotes for a whooping 14 devices yet Logitech Harmony promised to help us throw away all our remotes. I wish the CEO could understand that streaming, Google Home and Alexa will not kill Logitech Remotes. I still want to turn volumes up or down using a physical button. Am watching a very loud movie but google assistant or Alexa won't hear my command to pause or rewind. My accent sometimes is not understood by the voice assistants. I don't want to reach out to my phone, unlock it then navigate to harmony app just to turn down the volume. (Mind you the app takes time to load).

    I want to turn on the tv, roll down the projector screen, turn the lights off, slant my couch, activate the massage and turn the subwoofers on. Logitech just kills them all because of programmability even with devices manufactured by small companies unknown to Google or Amazon.

    Voice commands cant achieve all that but this remote can. HDMI 2.0 will turn on or off devices via CEC but I just don't want to remember the trouble I've had with CEC device incompatibly till today. I really hope this isn't stopped coz some of us will be devastated. Make this thing open source or better yet sell it to Microsoft but please don't stop.

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