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When will parts for the new doorbell be available?




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    Balaji P

    Hi Frank, thank you for reaching out to Logitech. I would like to inform you that, there is no update yet on the release yet. We will notify you once we get the details.

    Thanks for choosing Logitech, have a good day.

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  • Dustin Williams

    I am in the same boat. I need a second chime kit for a second chime. This absolutely has to be a common thing. It’s not uncommon for 2-story homes to have a chime on each floor.

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  • Frank Callaham

    How hard is it to make a chime kit available?  When asked what would happen if I had a defective chime kit -- and was told they would ship one out after I shipped the defective one back.  So they have kits and can ship them...

    To add to this thread, I'm seeing an odd issue with the one chime I have.  If the doorbell isn't pressed hard enough, the chime doesn't ring -- the oddest part is you can still see the light in the chime kit blink on soft presses, it just doesn't activate the chime.

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