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Circle View Doorbell - Motion / No-Motion automation


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  • Steve Newman

    I got a response today, which basically blamed Apple and that I should ask them to fix HomeKit. I am not connecting to a light, but if you notice the “Motion Detected” tile in HomeKit is constantly getting triggered which is what is causing your lights to always turn on. Guess no fix is coming from Logitech since they don’t believe it is their issue. Here is their response to me…

    The motion detect for the circle doorbell is based on pixel change and the detector will trigger on things that are not People, Cars or Animals.
    The Homekit uses filters to filter out those detections and ignore them.
    That filter does not extend beyond the doorbell functionality.
    Basically what that means is that the Doorbell sends all of the data that it sees to the Homekit and the Homekit decides what to do with it.

    You should reach out to Apple support to ask them to tweak the functionality of the filter to be extended outside of the doorbells usage as well.


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