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Doorbell is cycling online/offline constantly




  • John Kusters

    I have the same problem, and it's really making me reconsider this product. I contacted Logitech support, and they suggested resetting the device and connecting it to my 2.4GHz network instead of my 5GHz network. That seemed to help for a little while (like a few hours), but then it's cycling again, and now it's worse because it's no longer recording what it sees (which is the main reason I got the thing). My Home app shows it's set to record, but the device shows the solid blue light until someone starts watching the stream when the light turns to pulsing red. I'm getting NO motion notifications (it's set to notify me when it records something, so I guess that's not a surprise), and no recorded video. It's about to be replaced with the original DUMB doorbell.

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  • Patrick Farfour

    I have the same issue. Opened a support ticket which has been fairly slow process as support seems to only reply once a day and I haven't heard from them for 4 days now.  The smart doorbell that was replaced worked without issue from connectivity or heat for several years.  This one was great for a month and now is pretty much useless.  So glad I didn't purchase additional logi cameras.  Losing faith that I will get any sort of resolution and will be out the $200 spent on this doorbell. 

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  • Richard Young

    I am having the same issues. I had to turn off the night vision light to keep it from going offline at night. Right now mine has been offline now since 4:30 in the afternoon and I can’t reset it since I am out of town. I am waiting on a replacement unit from Apple but am looking for advice. Is this thing really this big of a pile of crap?

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