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Circle View Doorbell connectivity issues



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    Hello Donn,

       I created a ticket related to this issue since I needed to request some information. I'm going to post the steps below in case it can assist anyone else. 

    -Reboot your Homehub and your Router.

    -We suggest only having one homehub set as primary, and all others set to standby, if possible please attempt to reserve a Static IP for your primary homehub.

    -Attempt to reserve a static IP for your Doorbell unit, this can be done under the DHCP settings for your specific router.

    -Log out of your iCloud and back in.


    If these steps do not assist, we recommend connecting the doorbell unit to the 2.4ghz band. If you are in need of further instructions on how to do so, we are happy to assist. Keep in mind, when you disable your 5ghz band temporarily, you will need to reset the doorbell unit to connect it to a new band.


    Best regards,

    Logitech Circle Team

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