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Circle view camera low volume two way


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  • gLtCvM

    Same for me with FW v8.2.64. The audio coming from the camera is not entirely off, but the volume is very low while talking to the camera. I suspect they do this on purpose to avoid a feedback loop. The proper way to do it, however, would be to only mute the other side while actually speaking (like many video call apps do).

    If you look here, this behaviour is in fact documented: "NOTE: While this button is toggled you will not be able to hear what the person in front of the camera is saying."

    Using the "Eve" app instead of Apple's "Home" helps a little, as is has a push-to-talk button instead of a switch. Technically it's still "half duplex" talking, but usage is a bit more intuitive.

    As my plan was to use this camera a video doorbell where two-way full duplex audio is crucial, I am probably going to return it.

    The actual circle view doorbell (not available outside the US) seems to be better in this respect, as it reads "To start talking, toggle the microphone button in the live stream for the camera in the Home app. You'll be able to listen to the person in front of the doorbell while you are talking, just like in a normal phone call."

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