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circle 2 app new version 3.5.1 -> OMG?????????? PLZ DO SOMETHING



  • opskogly

    Something is not right at Logitech. The switch to signing in outside the app can only be a strategic decision of some sort. But why go to so much trouble to avoid Apple's frameworks? And why now?
    Stop supporting anti-consumer companies. Do not buy anything from Logitech again.

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  • PaulWilky76

    Whoever at Logitech who made the decision to apply this new overcomplicated log-in system should be fired immediately. The app is unusable and is not fit for purpose. If the next update doesn't fix this, I'll be replacing all my Circle cameras and will never buy or recommend a Logitech product to anybody again. It is insulting to their customers and users that they would issue an update that has quite clearly not been properly thought through and not been properly tested to ensure it works before it's release.

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    well said Paul Wilky


    nobody from the logitech team looks at the notes in the app store?

    Are you serious?

    I help you, here is the link of the app store


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  • Johan

    Is logitech reading this???? Its awefull the way it is working now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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