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Problem with C270 webcam working on windows 10.




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    Thangam S

    Hi Matthew,

    If your camera isn't detected by your computer, please try the following:

    Try a different USB port on your computer.

    Make sure the camera isn't connected to a USB hub or docking station.

    Make sure you're using the correct driver for your camera by selecting the Downloads tab on your product's support page.

    If your camera is connected to a USB 3.0 port (usually has a blue plastic insert), try using a USB 2.0 port instead.

    Try connecting the camera to a different computer.

    NOTE: If your camera isn't detected by a second computer, it may be defective.

    If the issue persists, refer to the below links for further troubleshooting.

    Logi Support

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  • kashaf ali

    i want to make video for my this website. Window is 10. i didnt able to record video due to cameras issues and i dont know how to dedect the problem.

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  • Thangam S

    Hi Kashaf,

    The Logitech C270 HD Webcam works as a direct plug-and-play device, using native Windows or macOS USB Video Class (UVC) drivers. The available webcam controls may differ between operating systems. Please see UVC driver support for Logitech webcams for more information.

    On macOS, with the Logitech Camera Settings software installed, the pan/tilt and zoom controls of the C270 HD can be modified within that software. However, due to macOS limitations, those controls are not functional in third-party applications.

    Kindly refer to the below links which should help to resolve the issue.

    Getting Started:

    FAQ page:

    Install UVC driver :

    Logi Support

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  • Kendle Max

    hey people i want to make video for my website but facing some issues with the camera and mobile. so suggest something

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  • Pooja B

    Hi Kendle,

    Please be informed that if you are referring to c270 then it will not work on mobile. The system requirement for C720 is: 
    Compatible with
    Windows® 7 or later
    macOS 10.10 or later
    Chrome OS™
    USB - A port
    Works with popular calling platforms.
    Logi support
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  • zaira merry

    i want to record and edit the video for my this blog. But there are some issue in cameras i also check the camera settings but cant detect the problem

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