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New circle view doorbell not recording


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    Yogeshwaran VP

    Dear Scott,

    Thank you for contacting Logitech! My name is Yogi and I will be helping you with any issues you have. I understand you would like assistance with the Circle View Doorbell. I am happy to help with anything you need.

    You need the Apple iCloud 50GB or more plan to use recording feature in Apple Home Kit. For more information, please visit the below article:

    Here are some steps you can try if you are having trouble with your Home Kit:

    1. Check to make sure you have "Stream and Record" set up in the Home Kit
    2. Reboot your Home Hub(s)
    3. Reboot the device you are viewing the doorbell on
    4. Make sure your Home Hub(s) and viewing device are up to date
    5. Log out of your iCloud account and log back in on your viewing device
    6. Reset network settings on viewing device:
    Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network settings

    7. Best Notification options to prevent false notifications:
    Recording Options -> More options -> Specific Motion is detected (Global setting)
    Then set up your activity zones feature to restrict the detection area. (Global Settings)

    Notifications -> Receive Activity Notifications When -> A clip is Recorded (Local Settings)

    For more support, I would suggest reaching out to the Apple support team as all the above features and storage are controlled by the Home Kit and not the Circle View Doorbell.

    Please let me know if you require any further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Logitech Customer Support

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