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Unable to reset and add Circle View to HomeKit



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    Yogeshwaran VP

    Dear Marcin,

    Thanks for reaching out to Logitech Circle Support! My name is Yogi and I will be helping you with any issues you have today. I understand you would like assistance with the Circle View Camera.

    The Breathing Light Blue/Cyan LED indicates that the Circle View Camera is having a Firmware update.

    Firmware updates happen periodically to improve your camera experience and introduce new features for the camera.

    In Apple HomeKit, a powered on and connected camera checks for new firmware automatically every night. If new firmware is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed and cannot be requested on our support channels. The rollout of firmware may happen over the course of days or weeks and therefore it is normal and expected that one or more of your cameras is updated before the others.

    NOTE: If you are using a router secured with HomeKit, you must ensure that your settings are set to 'No Restriction' or 'Automatic' for any updates to be installed. You can learn more about this at the Apple support site.

    If you’ve recently changed your home Wi-Fi network settings, you’ll need to update the settings on the camera. Use the following steps.

    Before you update, make sure:

    1. You have an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad recently updated to current version and that either of these devices are connected to your new home network.
    2. Your camera is plugged in and within the connectivity range of the new home network.

    To update your home Wi-Fi network:

    1. Locate the button on the back of the camera.
    2. Press and hold the button and let go when you see the slow breathing magenta Status LED (6-9 seconds).
    3. Wait for the camera Status LED to turn solid green — the camera is ready to be updated to the new Wi-Fi network.
    4. Open the Home app on your mobile device on iOS 14.7 / iPadOS 14.7 (or later).
    5. Open the camera Live view. (It will say that the camera is not responding.)
    6. Tap the Settings icon on the top left — this should bring up the settings menu for the camera.
    7. When you see the option to Update Accessory Wi-Fi Settings, tap it.

    NOTE: This option might take a few minutes to show up and may require you to exit from and re-enter the Settings menu.

    Your camera should reconnect to the new home network.

    Let us know if this helps!

    Best regards,
    Logitech Circle Team

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  • Jack69931976

    if your on a Mesh WiFi network, also consider forcing your 2.4 channel to 6

    it worked for me

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