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CircleView Doorbell feature suggestions




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    Hello Brian,

    Homekit actually handles all of the motion detection features as well as the activity zone setup screen you are mentioning. I will pass this information along to our developers as well but you may want to reach out to Apple to provide this feedback to them as well. Thanks for being the best part of Logitech and I hope you have a great day. 

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  • Brian Denmeade

    I would like to suggest an additional feature addition to the CircleView Doorbell.

    I receive a lot of notifications from my CircleView Doorbell on my back port. When our dog is let out, I will receive several notifications with in a minute or two apart. Basically every time the dog stops, and then starts to move around again.

    A thresh hold function, were by you can set a time between events for the same object could be set. Example in this case, my dog goes out onto the deck, I get an event. Dog sits or lays on deck for two minutes, then gets up and walks. Being able to set a thresh hold of 5 minutes apart, would keep me from be inundated with notifications.

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