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Circle View Doorbell not recording all activities




  • Official comment

    Hello Chris,


    The notification settings below are recommended for the best performance. If you continue to have issues with these settings then please let us know. 

    Note: You must have Stream and allow Recording set in the Recording Options


    Best Notification options to prevent false notifications:

    Recording Options>More options> Specific Motion is detected (Global setting)

    Then set up your activity zones feature to restrict the detection area. (Global Settings)


    Notifications>Receive Activity Notifications When> A clip is Recorded (Local Settings)


    Please let me know if you require further assistance.


    Best Regards,


    Logitech Customer Care

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  • Eric Gonzales

    Hi, I set mine to record if any motion is detected. It's been behaving well the last year. I'm in Arizona where temps can get up to 120 deg F. I ditched a newer router access point for an older AirPort Extreme which I still own.

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