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Windows Hello fails to work on Logitech Brio Stream Edition




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    Amogha A

    Hi Joel, 

    Thanks for reaching out. We would suggest you try the steps provided in the link below:

    1. Make sure no other applications are using your camera. Please shut down any running Logitech applications.
    2. You can use your BRIO 4K Stream Edition webcam with Windows Hello. When you connect BRIO to any USB port on a computer running Windows 10 that has internet access, Microsoft Windows Update will install the necessary driver and service.
    3 Once the update is complete, go to Windows Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and select BRIO 4K Stream Edition for Windows Hello.
    4 If you experience any issues setting up your BRIO webcam to work with Windows Hello, you can download the Logitech BRIO for Windows Hello installer to help with the setup of the service.

    For video issues with Logitech Brio and Skype for Business, please go through the steps in No video with BRIO and Skype for Business on laptops with integrated Windows Hello camera"

    In case you need any additional support, please write back to us.

    Amogha A
    Logi Support

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  • Joel Justin

    I managed to fix the issue. My Brio Stream Edition was shipped with Firmware Version 1.1 which didn't work with newest version of Windows 10. All this time, I was thinking that Firmware update would be provided on the GHub app. However, it would always say I already have the latest version.

    Someone pointed out to me online that Logitech has a separate software meant only for Firmware updates on Brio Webcam which needs to run in order to actually update it.

    Firmware Link for Brio Stream Edition:

    Firmware Link for Brio Pro Edition:

    Browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Chrome no longer support FTP Protocol by default. You can use legacy browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the files and download them.

    For Stream Edition, the latest Firmware update version is 1.3. After updating, Windows Hello worked as it should.

    It's a shame that many members of the support team don't know about this fix considering it's a premium webcam.

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  • Pooja B

    Hi Joel,

    Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing it here. Kindly let us know if you have any questions or concerns any time in the future.

    Logi support

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