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G HUB doesn't recognize second camera.




  • Official comment

    Hi Sergio,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Please be advised that the Logitech BRIO is not compatible with G HUB software. We'd request you to download the BRIO compatible software's on the below link:

    In case you need any additional support, please write back to us.

    Shreyas N
    Logi G Support

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  • Matthew


    Sorry, but do you as "customer/technical support" even have any idea what products you sell?

    I bought my keyboard and mouse and I installed your g-hub which is the official software for managing it, and they worked with it. Yes, after 2-3 months, because your G-HUB was poorly compiled and your TypeScript/Javascript libraries were producing errors, which were widely discussed on the web.

    Now you say that a camera that is obviously detected and handled by that software, both in terms in of settings management and user profiles is for some reason "not supported".

    Your "compatible software" is also at the End of Life, so what you propose is a non-supported software (because it isn't, it's released as END OF LIFE), that is getting outdated with each passing day.

    Is that what you wanted to say?

    "Software updates for Logitech Capture are no longer available. Logitech recommends that you download and install Logitech GHUB for the latest compatibility."

    Guys, please. For 200$ you can find a forum user with more use than your advices. His problem obviously isn't that G-HUB can't handle Brio, but the programming issue with your software, that obviously can't manage a few instances of the same device on one PC.

    Sergio, you can try setting one camera and checking the following option off.

    Then connect the other camera, turn it on, set your second camera and turn it off. Just my wild guess. Could help you, maybe. The software is a buggy mess. 

    PPS: In the other topic support stated that the camera doesn't have EPROM to store the settings. You can try making 2 different profiles in OBS, then disable that option I told you about and use OBS to manage 2 different devices with 2 different profiles.

    "With regards"

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  • Shrivathsa

    Hey Mathew,

    We deeply apologize for the misunderstanding caused.

    Thank you so much for sharing the information.

    You can also download Logi Tune for the product from the following link:

     Logi tune:

    We would request you to share the feedback on the following link so that it will be directly reviewed by our developers:

    In case you need any additional support, please write back to us.

    Logi G Support.

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