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Circle View Night Vision


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  • Scarlett Moore

    Does anyone know a fix for, or how to work around the night vision bug in the Logitech Circle View? To date I have firmware 8.2.36.

    In the iOS 13 Home app, in the settings of each HSV camera, there is a toggle to switch the automatic night vision light on or off. What I would expect when turning this toggle off is that the image remains full color at night and does not switch to black and white + infrared. That is what happens with my other HSV camera (Aqara G2H) and also how my former Nest Cam Outdoor used to work.

    I need this because my camera is high up overseeing a large area, so the limited distance infrared is of no use. Performance is typically better staying in full color and work with the available street lights.

    What happens in practice for the Circle View at night is that the infrared light stays off, but the camera still switches to night vision black and white, resulting in all black image. I really don’t see any use for this, as night vision requires infrared.

    The Circle View auto updates its firmware, so presumably I have the latest. Initiating an update by interrupting the power did not work. I read that the older model Circle 2 already has a higher version.

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