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Why is my C270 webcam not working?




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    Pooja B

    Hi Scarlett, we request you to please try the below steps: 

    • Make sure the webcam is connected directly to the computer and not to a hub, extender, switch, adapters, or something similar.
    • Disconnect/reconnect the webcam to the same or different USB port.
    • Try different software. For example, the Windows Camera app.
    • Try on a different computer.
    • Logitech webcam work on UVC drivers, which are by default included in most common operating systems. Try to run Windows update or update your Mac to the latest macOS version.
    • Windows only:
      • Delete the webcam from Device Manager, unplug the webcam, restart the computer, and plug in the webcam again.
      • Try updating graphics card drivers (for image issues) or audio drivers (for audio issues).
    • Check hardware compatibility and troubleshoot the connection.
    • Upgrade firmware if available.

    Logi support

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  • Oscar Littel

    With 2 PC's after updating from v1709 to v1803 the Logitech Webcams C270 are not functioning anymore (audio ok, no video).
    The most recent Logitech drivers are from around 2012, so I donot expect a driver update, and think that buying new Webcams is mandatory. But still the question: does anyone have a functioning C270 with W10 64bits v.1803?

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  • Sneha D

    Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for reaching out. Please follow the troubleshooting steps in the link below to resolve the issue.


    Sneha D

    Logi support

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