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The Homekit cannot be connected after a rese


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  • Nik Chillar

    In 6 months of ownership my Logitech doorbell has connected and worked correctly in HomeKit for a grand total of 5 min (rounding up). I have the same problem as you with an Eero6 router and i just deleted my home and reset every device and started over from scratch trying the Logitech circle view doorbell 1st and it still would not correct. A day later I have successfully re-connected the other 14 devices and still no Logitech, no mater what i do. Multiple resets, forced into 2.6ghz mode. Oddly it will connect when i put EERO in WPA 3 and 5g mode but then it goes in and out constantly even when its next to the router and using USB. There is no logic or tech in any of this company’s products…

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