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Circle View Camera Outdoor Power Supply



  • Eric Robbins

    I also would like to purchase 2 Circle View cameras for outdoor use. But I would need to purchase or create power supplies for them. An answer would be appreciated. 

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  • randyw57

    Hi, Eric!
    Well, what I did was purchase an outdoor rated power strip that had USB ports. I found one on Amazon. Search for B09MK2YTMG. It is a Tessan. Then I plugged the cords from the cameras into the USB ports in the power strip. 

    Another possibility and something I’m considering is to get an IP54 Waterproof box and put the power supply components in that. Again on Amazon search for B09NLW5HMX and it will show an example of such a box. 

    Lastly if it is possible to route the cord inside then the issue goes away. I was able to
    do that with a camera above our garage door. Routed the cameras cable into the garage and then just plugged the Logitech supplied power supply into an outlet. 

    Does seem odd that Logitech doesn’t offer some solutions or pointers for this. The cameras work fabulously well outdoors. 

    Hope that helps. 

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