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X-52 Hotas Pro (Brand New) Not working in MSFS 2020




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    Karan Ram

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I would recommend you to please try the following steps in the below link and see if the issue can be fixed.



    Logitech G Support


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  • Damian Giadone

    Can you provide me an English version?

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  • Karan Ram

    Hi Damean,

    Thank you for your response.

    I would recommend you to please try the following steps in the below link and see if the issue can be fixed.

    This example uses Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) but its predecessor, Flight Sim 2004, and other titles have a similar setup. When you load FSX, the X52 Professional HOTAS is automatically detected, and a default control configuration is loaded onto the device. If you just want to use the default setup, click Fly now .

    You can also change the default setup or add setups in FSX. For example, you can configure the buttons, set the axes and change their sensitivity.

    To configure the buttons: 

    1. Ga naar Settings > Controls > Buttons/Keys
    2. Make sure X52 Professional HOTAS is selected in the Controller Type menu. Otherwise, FSX will not recognize the mappings you are trying to do.

    For example, let's say you want to set the T1 button to Start Engine Auto . To do this, scroll through the alphabetical list of button activities until you get to Engine Auto start . Left click on the title and then click on the Change Assignment button below the list of assignments. When the Change Assignment box appears, press T1, which will then appear in the box. Click OK to confirm the assignment. You can do this faster by double-clicking the button command name. This will open the Change Assignment box .

    To set the axes:

    1. Ga naar Settings > Controls > Control Axes
    2. Make sure X52 Professional HOTAS is selected in the Controller Type menu .

    For example , to set Elevator Trim on one of the rotation wheels, double-click the item in the Event for Elevator Axis column , and move the desired rotation knob. When the axis designation is displayed, click OK to confirm.

    Assign sensitivity to axes:
    As the last step before you can fly, set the sensitivity of the axes.  

    1. Go to Settings > Controls > Calibration and select the X52 Professional HOTAS .in the Controller Type menu . 
    2. Select the Advanced Controls option . 

    The settings assigned by FSX are fine, but you could also assign the following settings to the X52 Professional HOTAS, for example:

    Aileron – Sensitivity 75%, Null Zone 5%
    Elevator – Sensitivity 75%, Null Zone 5%
    Throttle – Sensitivity 100 %, Null Zone 0%
    Rudder – Sensitivity 75%, Null Zone 5%

    A good rule of thumb is to give similar axis functions the same settings. For example, to set the ratio axes (which are lever-operated) on the precision dial, set the calibration sliders to the same value as the throttle axis.




    Logitech G Support

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