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Logitech vs Apple AirPods Pro & Max - Sound issues resolved!!!




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    Amogha A

    Hi Rebeca,

    Thanks for reaching out and we're glad to know you were able to resolve the issue. We'll also pass along your suggestion to our team to check out. Let us know if there is anything else we can share with them or if you ever have any questions any time in the future.

    Logi Support


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  • Adam Niederpruem

    Unfortunately, if you're like me, this doesn't solve the issue. You may have a Unifying mouse, but a Bolt keyboard. Bolt is not included with the product, but either way, Logitech still has a major issue: 

    • Airpods devices will not work with Logitech devices connected via Bluetooth
    • You need a dongle to connect either a Unifying or Bolt device (which will keep Airpods connected via Bluetooth)
    • You need 2 free open USB-A ports to connect your two Logitech device connectors
    • You need to spend extra $$ for a Bolt connector
    • You will always need to carry a dongle with your Mac

    Logitech, you make beautiful, durable products. But this is a deal breaker. 

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  • Aravind

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing the information. We will pass this along to our team. We always want to ensure we are providing our customers with the best products and experience. Let us know if there is anything else in the future we can do to assist. 

    Logi Support

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  • Cavit Pınar

    It's been a year since we have been complaining about the AirPods issue. I am sure the whole team is aware of that. Please come up with a solution. I don't have to use an external receiver for the devices I got for lots of money.

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