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logic circle 2 deconnectée



  • Raymond Lakin

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    Was your Circle set up, but now you can't connect? Seeing a message about Circle being offline? Two of the most common symptoms of this issue are:

    The Circle LED light is blinking.
    Opening the Circle with app gives a message like "Can't connect to Circle," or "Your Circle is offline."
    You may receive a notification that says "Looks like your Home Plus is offline."
    Android-Only Users: You may see the Home profile icon change from a blue color to an orange color. This indicates that your Circle is offline.

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  • demoulin.caroline11

    ça ne répond pas à ma question...

    J'ai désinstaller cette caméra de l'application , j'essaye maintenant de la réinstaller mais je n'y arrive pas! la caméra ne lume pas bleu et le bluethood ne la reconnait pas


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