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Use of CircleView video doorbell with more than one iPhone



  • Alan Mitchell

    My wife & I have this question also.

    And ... (I hope Logitech is listening!) I would like to purchase a remote door chime for my circle view video doorbell.

    Surely there would a large market for them.

    An aging population is a population with diminished hearing :)


    Many have upstairs living quarters !

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  • Michael BM

    To use more than one IPhone make sure you enable her phone as in the homekit app. She can either be a resident or guest. Once enabled she should be able to see the video doorbell in the homekit app.

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  • Alan Mitchell


    Thank you for responding.

    Your suggestion worked.

    However, the default on my wife's Home app is named 'My Home'.

    It is still not seeing the cameras.

    She has to use 'More...' each time in order to view the cameras.

    I have named the view of the cameras on my Home app as 'Homebythe park'.

    'Homebythepark' is my default.

    She wants to have the same view as the default view in her 'My Home'

    Can this be done ?

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