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Circle View Cameras Intermittent Issues



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    Hi MAH

    We are sorry to hear about what happened. If you don't mind, kindly follow the steps that I have gathered for you below.

    1) Eliminate the use of WiFi extender for the meantime.
    2) Use a dedicated 2.4 GHz WiFi SSID for Homekit, the Circle View only works with 2.4 GHz. Disable the 5.0 GHz connection on your router. You may be using a model that uses the same SSID and password for both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. If you can separate them to avoid conflict and connect your Homekit accessories. You may need your ISP's help on this.
    3) We suggest only having one home hub set as primary, and all others set to standby, if possible please attempt to reserve a Static IP for your primary home hub.
    4) Reboot/power cycle the Apple home hub and router.
    5) Perform the Button reset from this link -
    6) Consider relocating the Circle View to a different spot preferably close to the router and observe if it maintains stable connection.

    Hope this helps. 


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