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Setting up new Circle View wired doorbell


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    Hi Todd Henry,

    We are sorry to hear about what happened. If your camera still isn't connected, kindly follow the steps below.

    1) Connect the Circle View Doorbell via a micro-USB cable. Make sure your USB power adapter has at least a 2 Amp output. Computer USB, wall outlet USB, and power banks may cause a pairing failure.
    2) Make sure that the iOS device used to set up is connected to your "Home" WiFi.
    3) Perform the reset via USB power from this link -
    4) The Circle View Doorbell should show a solid green LED depicting pairing mode. If not, perform the reset again.
    5) Proceed to add the camera via Rooms. Open Apple Home, you have 3 tabs at the bottom, Home, Rooms, and Automation. Click on the "Rooms" tab, clicked on '+' and then the Circle should show up and can be added.


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