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Circle 2 Not Connecting to Wifi



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    Hi Mixmaster,

    We are sorry to hear about what happened. Please allow me to assist you in fixing this. Kindly follow the steps below.

    1) Detach the camera from its mount and use a dry cloth to clean the camera module's backside. Wait for a moment, then firmly reattach.
    2) Perform the Button reset from this link -
    3) Circle 2 should go blinking blue indicating pairing mode. If this is the case, continue to step 4. If not, perform the reset again.
    4) Stage 1 - Connection to the Circle mobile application: The first stage of setup is the connection to the Circle mobile application. If your camera was detected by the Circle mobile application, please continue to step 5. If not, try to reinstall the Circle mobile application or use a different mobile phone for setup.
    5) Stage 2 - Connection to WiFi: If your WiFi network does not show up on the list of SSIDs, make sure that the For Outdoor Use toggle is disabled because this will filter out other WiFi SSIDs. If the Circle mobile application detects other SSIDs, please ensure that your WiFI SSID is not hidden. 

    I hope we might be of service.


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  • Mixmaster

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks very much. I had followed all the instructions listed prior to posting my situation a month back, and yet it still does not prompt for me to choose my Wifi. In fact, no wifi options show up in the app, not even any others that are nearby. What options do I have now?

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  • Roy7206

    I have the same issue.  No wifi network options are listed, and after typing in my network name and password, there is no response when I select Connect.

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