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Circleview Doorbell Not Working



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    Hi Goodwin Lottiehaven,

    Thanks for reaching out. Please allow me to assist you in fixing this. Kindly follow the steps below.

    1) The doorbell unit is a 1:1:1 system. One doorbell unit per transformer and internal home chime system. Our doorbell units are not compatible with multiple internal chimes or multiple doorbells per transformer.
    2) Unmount the camera from the wall mount, use the included ejector tool and push it into the small circular opening on the bottom right of the device, and press firmly. Once you hear the lock release, you can then carefully remove the main unit from the mount.
    3) To test if the camera is still operational, connect it to a micro-USB cable connected to a 5V 2A USB power source.
    4) If the camera lost connection to Homekit, perform the reset following the instructions from this link -
    5) If the camera works with a USB connection, proceed to step 6. If not, perform the reset again.
    6) Temporarily remove or turn off any other devices that may be drawing power from the circuit. This can include lighted mailbox or number signs, porch lights, or sprinkler systems.

    I hope we might be of service.


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  • Goodwin Lottiehaven

    Same faced





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  • Tom O’Neill

    Installed new WiFi router and circle view doorbell camera will not work

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