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    Balaji P

    Hi Paula, thank for reaching out and sorry to hear about the experience with Logitech product. We apologize for delay in response. Kindly click on the troubleshooting link provided below and try the steps, this below article has helped our customer's to resolve their issue.

    Camera troubleshooting:

    If your camera isn't detected by your computer, please try the following:

    • Try a different USB port on your computer.

    • Make sure the camera isn't connected to a USB hub or docking station.

    • Make sure you're using the correct driver for your camera by selecting the Downloads tab on your product's support page.

    • If your camera is connected to a USB 3.0 port (usually has a blue plastic insert), try using a USB 2.0 port instead.

    • Try connecting the camera to a different computer.

      NOTE: If your camera isn't detected by a second computer, it may be defective.

    Thank you so much, and looking forward for your response.

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