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K350 won't work after trying new MX Ergo mouse

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    Robin C.

    Hi Jef,

    We really apologize for the experience you had to face with the Logitech K350 Keyboard.

    I understand that you are confirming the issue has been resolved. However, in case the issue persists or you need further assistance then please do not hesitate to write back to us. 

    Looking forward to your continued patronage.

    Thank you for choosing Logitech, Have a great day!

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  • Jef R

    I got it fixed...

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  • Charley Bahringer

    The Logitech wireless mouse has an internal power supply and a USB that connects the mouse to the computer at&t gophone login. The USB, however, will not function without the software that formats and controls the connection between the mouse and the computer.

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