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When did the T-RB22 Wireless Trackman Price up?

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  • Martina

    Hi @Cain Johnson,


    Welcome to the Community!


    I will try to assist you with your pricing question of the Cordless Optical TrackMan. As the Cordless Optical TrackMan is not available on our product range anymore some retailers might see the opportunity to get a lot of money by selling them for a very high price.


    Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this, as we are not liable for the pricing of retailers.


    Maybe you can warm to another mouse?


    Please excuse any inconveniences.


    Warm regards,




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  • bblackmoor

    There is no other Logitech device which replaces the Cordless Optical Trackman (T-RB22). Users have been begging Logitech for YEARS to bring this model back.

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  • j

    Is there anywhere to get the software to re-install?


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