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Logitech K780 Pos1 and End Key on macOS

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  • Nick Fahrendorff

    found a solution working for zsh, should work with bash as well, I suppose.

    I changed the keybindings. The fn + left arrow combination is an escape sequence of "0D" and fn+right arrow is "0C". So all you have to do, is: 

    bindkey "0D" beginning-of-line
    bindkey "0C" end-of-line

    you can put that in your .zshrc or your bash_profile.

    This workaround makes the key combination work in terminal only. In  most other text editing programs you can use cmd + arrow for navigating to end or beginning of a line. I guess that's a solution which is okay for me. But if anyone has a global working fix, I would appreciate it.

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