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mouse M590 and mac os catalina. Where to find the right firmware

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    Hi Frederic Vernier,


    Thank you for choosing Logitech!
    Apologies for the late response and for replying in English. Just a heads up, I'll be using Google translate for your post.

    Your post goes like this. "I have a M590 mouse which worked under my old mac (under mac OS X 10.14) and which does not work in bluetooth with my new mac (under mac OS X 10.15) and badly with the USB dongle. Technical assistance from my Apple dealer tells me that I need to update the firmware of my mouse with ( . I updated the firmware using the dongle. the firmware update tool recognizes the mouse well, does its job indicates success but no mouse that works even after several reboots. I take a closer look at the firmware update downloads: the system offers 2 for mac, one for mac OSX10.14 and one for macOSX10.15. Of course I used the second since it is my system but I realize that the 2 files offered for download are in fact the same ( of 10.4MB which is 27.3MB once decompressed. This file corresponds has the description of the firmware update 10.14 (1.2.109) but not that of the 10.15 that I would need (the file should be 3.8MB). I will be a happy user if you were kind enough to send me the link to the good file which would allow me to update my mouse. Regards."

    What we can recommend you to do is follow the instructions from this article. This should allow your computer to work properly with Logitech programs and devices.

    If you have further inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach back to us or contact our support team for direct assistance.




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