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Logitech Stream Cam Freezing

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    Balaji P

    Hi Cameron, thank you for reaching out to Logitech. We apologize for delay in response. I would like to inform you that, kindly uninstall the software for the Stream cam, restart the PC and re-install it again. Hope this should work.

    Thanks for choosing Logitech, have a good day.

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  • Reece Hāinēs

    Cameron Libby - I'd like to discuss this with you as I have the same camera and the same issue.

    Did Balaji P's advice fix your issue?
    I've done a full fresh windows install thinking it was a driver issue and it would be easier for me to revert back to complete default settings. This has not resolved the problem.

    I do not have the LogiCapture software installed as i feel like that would be interfering with settings. 

    The only way for me to fix my issue (while live) is to unplug the webcam, plug it back in, delete the source in SLOBS then re-add a new source. then fiddle around with the camera size and settings... this is NOT a good look when i'm trying to stream!!!! 

    The fact that someone else has the exact same issue as I, leads me to believe it isn't something i've done wrong.


    Balaji P please can you create a support ticket for me, i tried via the chatbot but it seems to be broken and has been sitting on typing a message for the last 10 minutes, unless i'm waiting for it to write me a novel? lol... 

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