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Add a command “turn off” on your device in the Activity Action box

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    Rajesh Babu

    Hi Aleksandar Bojović

    Thank you for writing to us with your concern!

    I've now added the power commands of the Yamaha receiver to the device profile. Can you please try syncing the remote and check whether assigning the command to the Activity sequence works as expected? 

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Best regards,

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  • KatCeDe


    which AVR do you have? On my Denon and Marantz I can setup CEC so that ARC is working but nothing else so that power commands from HDMI are ignored.

    If you want to add a power or input command to start of an activity you have to learn these commands with a different name (avoid power and input as part of the name) then you can add this new command to start of an activity.



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