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HDMI inputs from NAD C658 add-on Card don't appear in Harmony programming.

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    Rajesh Babu

    Hi Fred Roses

    Thank you for writing to us with your concern and I'd apologize for the delay in responding to you!

    I can understand that the HDMI input is missing in the device profile, and you'd like to know about adding it.

    On checking our database, I couldn't find the HDMI input direct command for your device. If your device supports HDMI input, I'd request you to manually add the missing commands by referring to the following support article:

    We appreciate your patience and understanding with us!

    Best regards,

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  • KatCeDe


    can you select the inputs with the in device mode? If yes you can change the input table MyHarmony uses and add the new commands there.


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  • Fred Roses

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the HDMI inputs do not appear in the device mode either. I don't know hor to go further...

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