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Faulty E-Switch buttons on Anywhere MX mice

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    Jyothi Sequeira

    Thank you for contacting Logitech. Please follow the steps below:

    Clean the button/key with compressed air. Verify the product or receiver is connected directly to the computer and not to a hub, extender, switch or something similar. Unpair/repair or disconnect/reconnect hardware. Upgrade firmware if available. Windows only — try a different USB port. If it makes a difference, try updating the motherboard USB chipset driver. Try on a different computer. Windows only — if it works on a different computer, then the issue might be related to a USB chipset driver.

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  • dimovi

    I never use USB hubs and I update the firmware when available. The problem is in the switch, because I have replaced it on multiple mice and they work like new right after replacing the button without any other changes. I have done that on numerous mice.

    I am baffled by your canned response, this has got to be an issue that your mechanical engineers are aware of. This button is faulty and someone should look into it. Either that or this button was used by design to keep people buying a new mouse every two years. This would be really bad for the brand if it is not fixed in later models. It is bad for the image of the brand, it is wasting support time and increasing warranty claims.

    Can you at least tell me if the latest Anywhere MX models use the same switch from E-Switch TS20100F070S?

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  • Jorge Biltris

    Same thing happened to my VX Nano Cordless quite some time ago. I appeared after a 2 years.
    Got in touch with support.
    It was replaced with an MX Anywhere no questions asked.

    After a while the MX also developed the double click issue too.  :-)  So , I am pretty sure they know about it.

    Check the warranty status. Not older than 3 years, get in touch with support.
    I'm pretty sure you will receive a replacement. Unless company policy recently changed of course. 

    Hope this works for you

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  • dimovi

    Yes, they will replace the mouse. I did have several mice replaced and to my amazement in a few years they all developed the same issue. So, it looks like they have not fixed the issue. At this point I am not willing to buy more Logitech mice and just hope the failure happens within the warranty window. But even then what if the replacement mouse develops the issue or what if the mouse develops the issue a little after the warranty expires? Are failures in the replacement mice covered by warranty and for how long? I like the model but since I am buying a bunch of mice for a business I cannot be calling support and filing warranty claims every couple of months.
    I will wait until the issue is fixed until I buy more mice, but I am not sure how to ask whether it is fixed or not. When I talk to support no one seems to ever admit there is issue with the button, so I don't see how they can fix something they claim not to be an issue. I'm just hoping that they know this is an issue and secretly plan to fix it as they are telling me to update firmware and not use a USB hub.

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  • Saurav T

    Hi dimovi,

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    This was not an issue and we are not receiving these issues now so you can use the mouse without double click issue. Regarding the switch, we'll pass along your suggestion to our team to check out.

    In case if you need any additional support, please write back to us.

    Saurav T
    Logi Support

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