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Logitech G Pro Wireless + game Destiny 2

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    Karan Ram

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I would recommend you to please try the following troubleshooting steps and see if the issue can be fixed. 

    1. Clean dust/dirt using a Q-tip or a compressed can of air.
    2. Connect the device directly to the computer motherboard. Bypass any type of USB adapter, hub or extender.
    3. Update the device's firmware:
    • Download and install Logitech G-Hub (Available here:
    • Launch the software, select the mouse from the home screen then go to Settings
    • If a firmware update is available, a Blue ""Update"" button would appear under the firmware version on the top right corner of the screen.
    4. Test the device without the software. Stop G-Hub from running in the background by closing them on the System Tray and Task Manager:
    • On the lower right hand corner of the screen, on the left side of the Date and Time, right click on the G icon and select Exit.
    • Launch Task Manager (Alt + Ctrl + Del) then look for Lghub or Lcore under Processes Tab. Then, right click on it and select Stop Process.
    5. Uninstall, reload mouse driver:
    • Right click on Windows or Start button and select Device Manager.
    • Under Human Interface Device, look for Logitech Virtual G-Hub Mouse.
    • Right click on it, select Uninstall.
    • Disconnect the mouse from the computer.
    • Restart the computer.
    • Reconnect device back to the computer and test.
    6. Try testing the device on a different computer.



    Logitech G Support


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  • ER Hoodx


    except for point 6, I gave everything twice, but without a response
    It's interesting that I don't have Logitech Virtual G-Hub Mouse in Device Manager in HID, but only LOGITECH g hub VIRTUAL KEYBOARD
    I see the problem, but in the application or software, because the mouse behaves the same way in Dota2

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  • ER Hoodx

    Tried everything and it looks like unfinished software. In my opinion, the problem with the mouse is that it can only take over a key from the keyboard (macro, etc.) and it does not act like an independent button in the same way as, for example, keys 1 or 2.
    A week ago, I somehow managed to get into the old Logitech program, where I set the side buttons to 2 keys from the keyboard, which work, but most likely cause ghosting.... After reinstalling, the ghosting did not appear...before after 14 days.
    Also, in order for the mouse to work, I have to turn on the INTEGRATED MEMORY MODE....If I turn it off, I get into the settings (quite awkwardly solved), but it absolutely does not work in games and it always behaves like the right side....
    In this respect, STEELSERIES is much better because things just work...
    I am strongly considering returning the product and trying an almost identical competitor product, the Acer PREDATOR CESTUS 350
    Have a nice day

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