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Unable to purchase with Apple Pay

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    Amogha A

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out. We would suggest you try the steps provided in the link below:
    1. Clear cache, cookies and history of the browser you’re using.
    2. Try on a different browser.
    3. Try on the incognito tab on Google Chrome.
    4. Try on the in-private tab on Internet Explorer.
    5. Try on a different computer or mobile.

    In case you need any additional support, please write back to us.

    Logi Support

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  • György Farkas

    Dear Amogha,

    I am using Safari on iPhone and MacBook. I tried clearing cache, cookies and history, no luck. I tried also private browsing (incognito mode), no luck either. I tried all these methods on two different iPhones and a MacBook. All are up-to-date both in system software and Safari browser.

    I tried Google Chrome first on a Windows computer, and then I've learned that I won't able to use Apple Pay on Windows certainly. On top of this there are only PayPal and wire transfer as payment methods (no option for credit card). I definitely do not want to register a PayPal account just for this and wire transfer is absolutely out of question because of the additional costs my bank would charge. After this, although I didn't want to, I installed Chrome on my MacBook but Apple Pay is not available on Chrome for Mac either.

    So I really don't know what else I could do for a successful order. But I guess I will have to order the keyboard somewhere else, not only for the payment problem but also for the fact that the item went out of stock in the meantime.


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  • Mohammad Ayub

    Hello György,

    Thank you for reaching out, we would like to open the ticket with the support team and assign it to the consent team for further assistance. Please be informed that the support team will get in touch with you via email at the earliest.

    Let us know if you have other questions.

    Mohammad Ayub 
    Logi Support 

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