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Keeping solid blue keyboards lights on

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    Praveen C

    Hello Stephen,

    Thank you for reaching out. For better understanding could you please share the model name of the Logitech device? So that we can assist you accordingly.

    Praveen C
    Logi G Support

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  • Stephen Carroll

    I have a G815 keyboard.    Do you have a detail manual on how to program the colors on this keyboard.

    I check out videos on line but the programs used in the videos never match what I am seeing when I go to my G hub.

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  • Sujith Kumar

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for reaching us.

    Please do refer  the below given manual setup:


    In addition to the lighting features available through G HUB software, To select these effects, press and hold the Brightness button while pressing the keyboard number keys to select an effect:

    • Brightness + key 1: Colorwave (left to right)
    • Brightness + key 2: Colorwave (right to left)
    • Brightness + key 3: Colorwave (center out)
    • Brightness + key 4: Colorwave (bottom up)
    • Brightness + key 5: Color cycle
    • Brightness + key 6: Ripple
    • Brightness + key 7: Breathing
    • Brightness + key 8: User-stored lighting
    • Brightness + key 9: User-stored lighting
    • Brightness + key 0: Cyan blue
    • Brightness + key -: Decreases effect speed
    • Brightness + key +: Increased effect speed User-stored effects are saved to the keyboard by G HUB software

    Please do reach back to us if you need any additional support.

    Logi G support

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  • Stephen Carroll

    Thank you for that information.  What are the keystrokes to get to the customizing area of G-HUB?  Can I program in a solid color and transfer it to the keyboard for use with the M1 M2 and M3 keys.  Will that new color be saved in the Keyboard memory?? What is the MR key for??  Do I do this with the board memory off at first and turn it on after the programing is done?

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  • Shrivathsa

    Hey Stephen, 

    Thanks for following up. 

    Please do refer to page number 20 of the G hub provided in the link below and check if that helps:

    Logi G Support.

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