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'Sync in progress' - Harmony Elite

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  • KatCeDe


    if the Remote says "sync in progress" ist has nothing to do with Logitech server it is a thing between hub and remote.Sync with the server is only done if you sync in Windows App or if you changed something in a mobile App. If you are using a mobile App for changes these changes are synced with the Hub and the remote is afterwards synced from the hub. This is what you see: remote and hub are not synced.

    If you are using the Windows MyHarmony App and your remote is connected to the PC while syncing I never had such a problem.

    What is the distance between remote and hub? max. is around 30ft. Did you do a factory reset in the ALT+F9 menu? After factory reset hub and remote should get the latest firmware during the next sync. Did this happen?


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