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Logitech G27 x Windows 11 22H2

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    Mohammed Zain

    Hello Alexandre,

    Thank you for reaching out. We would like to let you know that the G27 is only compatible with the following:

    - Windows XP and Windows XP x64
    - Windows Vista and Windows Vista x64
    - Windows 7 and Windows 7 x64

    However, we'll make sure to pass this along to our team to check out. We always want to ensure we are providing our customers with the best products and experience. Let us know if there is anything else in the future we can do to assist.

    Logi G Support

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  • Dave Wilson


    Only compatible with XP, Vista and 7 you say? Interesting. Very interesting. I only ask because, according to this very site, the G27 is also compatible with Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit):

    I know this is true because I was running that software with the G27 on Windows 10. If you're interested, the link for that page is and I simply chose Windows 10 from the list of operating systems.

    Even on the FAQ page for the G27 it lists Windows 8 as being compatible. That makes three different places with different information as to compatibility. If this Logitech support can't even get this simple detail right, what hope does a customer have in knowing what is usable with their system?

    I believe that official reason for the lack of compatibility is that the above drivers are not signed with up to date certificates, but if that is the only reason then can I suggest that someone digs out the source code and recompiles and signs with the new certificates? The hardware is working fine, and the above version of software will work on Windows 11 if the Memory Integrity Protection is disabled. However, doing so will introduce a security risk which is not easily reversible (the uninstall system for the software leaves the drivers in place which then means Memory Integrity Protection cannot be switched back on). 

    It feels like Logitech is EOL'ing perfectly fine hardware in an attempt to get people to buy new (but, in my experience with the G29 which I returned, inferior) kit. I'm thinking that if I ever do buy a new wheel, it won't be from Logitech.

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  • Dave Wilson


    As an aside, the LGS software adds very little to the G27 nowadays; games have the ability to change the settings and reassign keys as they need. All that is needed is the base driver for the device. It's like a mouse; technically, no one needs to install a driver as they are built in to Windows. The only reason to install a company's software is to configure things like macros, LED colours, etc.

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