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MX Mechanical not responding after PC goes to sleep

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out. We request you to try the below-mentioned steps and check if this helps you to resolve the issue:
    1. Open Device Manager and make sure your product is listed.
    2. Windows only — try a different USB port. If it makes a difference, try updating the motherboard USB chipset driver.
    3. If the receiver is Logi Bolt ready, identified by this logo  open Logi Bolt Software and check if the device is found there.
    4. If not, follow the steps to connect the device to a Logi Bolt receiver.
    5. Try using the receiver on a different computer.
    6. If it’s still not working on the second computer, check Device Manager to see if the device is recognized.

    In case you need any additional support, please write back to us.

    Logi Support

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