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Logitech Pro Racing wheel not sent

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    Sha S

    Hi Ondrej,
    Thank you for reaching out. We are sorry for your experience. We'd love to keep the conversation going directly with the Support Team. We have reviewed your case and will be in touch via email as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as the team follows up or in the meantime as the conversation continues there.

    Logi G Support

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  • Nik Graham

    Hi Ondrej,


    I'm in the same situation as you.


    I ordered my wheel and pedals about a week and a half ago, the pedals arrived 2 days later, but the wheel has been stuck in processing ever since. To be fair to logitech, the wheel was noted as a Pre-Order purchase here in the UK, but 'Support' have been really vague every time I have contacted them (or it would appear, any time anyone has contacted them) and seem to have a culture of lots of apologies, but not giving any useful information. May not be their fault, but I feel Logitech needs to know they are not offering good 'Support'.


    Ironically, the wheel is now showing as 'In Stock. Ready to Ship' here in the UK as of yesterday. It would be most frustrating to discover that people who only place an order today got their wheels before those of us who did so earlier, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.


    I'm also somewhat cynical about every response on this subject (i.e. people asking where their expensive wheel is) results in 'support' trying to get the person to enter a 1-2-1 dialogue with support - my presuming this could be an attempt to stop people airing a known issue in a public forum.


    Anyway, I thought you may feel less annoyed knowing you are not alone.


    Hope you get some useful news soon or, even better, actually receive your wheel!



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  • boscam75

    Same situation for me, ordered last week, when it was in preorder. Since this Monday is "ready in stock", but it is not true for me. Has anyone receive the wheel ? I ordered the PS version. I am in Italy
    Of course pedals already received.

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  • Kriko

    I have the same for me, I have been waiting for 10 days.
    The pedals came and lose their warranty because nothing can be done with them.
    The support is a failure, they know nothing or lie that shipping will be in 48-72h,
    And so every day.
    Recently, I got information that the steering wheel will send in 2-3 weeks from now,
    That is, about a month from placing an order

    Logitech, you should be ashamed and somehow compensate

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  • Ondrej Svoboda

    Well, the positive thing is i am not alone. In the moment of my order, the Xbox version was "in stock, ready for shipment" and PS "preorder". After i wrote the messege here, the support contacted me immediatelly, but with no exact info about the delivery. I wrote them, that i would expect some kind of compensation, but no answer to this request, surprising, isnt it? 
    Actually, its against the law in the EU to claim, you have something in stock as an eshop, if this is not true, pitty.

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  • Lukáš Schvarc

    Bought as a combo. I also got the pedals without the steering wheel. They seemed to have it in stock. So it's unfair that they lie and don't provide clear information when we paid. At least here on the forum please Logitech provide true information. I am from Slovakia.

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