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  • milan

    I have problems with the extra mediabox next on my bedroom. I always turn the box off at night due to sound. Until today I never had problems with this box. I could turn it on every morning meliconi-universale using the switch on the back of the box. Today it is a different story. The mediabox starts up with a welcome screen and then I get a picture on my TV of a box with an arrow above it. Meanwhile the orange bar on my box starts flashing, at some point I see a small red light to the left of the orange bar turn red. Then the bar turns red and the whole thing restarts. Again welcome screen, again flashing and image of box with arrow above it on my TV. I disconnected the power and cables from the box and waited. Then reconnected and turned it on again. Same story again. The wifi signal is strong in my bedroom, just have internet on my ipad and apple tv box also works fine. Who knows what to do? Thanks

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